Prereqs for NCAT ABSN program

  1. Hello Guys and Gals,

    Just wanted to start a thread for those interesting in applying to NCAT ABSN program for 2018. I have about 5 prereqs to complete. I'm signed up to take Anatomy and Global Nursing this January. I'm wondering if there are any more out there like me so that we could possible start a support group AGGIE PRIDE!
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  3. by   NursePayne03
    Hello !!

    I am interested in going to NCAT for their Accelerated Nursing Program as well, for the Spring of 2018.
  4. by   CherryBlossomPrinces
    Hi! I've applied for the 2018 cohort and am completing my prerequisites from now until Dec 2017.
  5. by   Pirategirl92
    Hey everyone ! I also applied for NCAT ABSN '18 program. Has anyone had an interview or been accepted?
  6. by   Chelseml
    Hi! I applied about 2-3 weeks ago. I have an interview the 11th of this month.
  7. by   Pirategirl92
    I applied during the early deadline. I had a interview on June 13th. The wait is nerve racking! I called and they said they still haven't made decisions yet and we should hear by the 30th if this month. Are you applying to any other schools?
  8. by   Chelseml
    Wow! Well I pray everything goes well for you!! I am applying to WSSU and UNC as well. How did your interview go?
  9. by   Pirategirl92
    Same to you! It went really good! I asked a lot of questions and we had a long conversation after the initial interview. They were very nice. Is A&t your first choice? Will you be commuting or relocating for the absn programs?
  10. by   Chelseml
    Yes! A&T is my first choice and yes, I'll relocate for the program. I'm so excited and anxious (in a good way) to find out.! Lol
  11. by   Pirategirl92
    I will be relocating as well. I'm just ready to hear something. How did your interview go? I asked a lot of questions about the classes and schedules but I still have so many more questions I want to ask lol
  12. by   Chelseml
    Haha okay, great. Is A&T your first choice ? And I have my interview on Tuesday! So I'm really just preparing for that.
  13. by   Pirategirl92
    Yessss def my first choice! Good luck! It's not intense like a job interview. They are really nice and just want to get a feel for the kind of student and person you are. I researched nursing school interview questions on YouTube and it helped out a lot as far as preparation.
  14. by   Chelseml
    Thanks so much girl! I appreciate it! I'll let you know how it goes on Tuesday ! I pray we both are successful! We should know by the 30th