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  1. I have to take chemistry, nutrion, college algebra and religion to get into Our Lady of the Lake Nursing program in La. I am thinking about taking the courses online at ccconline. Is ccconline the easiest way to take on-line classes? I am nervous about it because I've never taken chemistry and my math skills are weak, but I have to finish my classes by Jan. 2012. I don't work or have kids so that is an advantage. Can anyone lead me to someone who has helped them take and pass these classes on-line if you have already taken the class, or somebody who has to take some of the same classes and can be a study buddy?
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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    Chem online is very hard! There is a TON of math and formulas and memorizing invloved. Even for people strong in math this is hard. Self teaching this subject is pretty hard. The other classes are pretty easy. The Math usually comes along with a My Math Lab type of program which is awesome like taking a class in person.
  4. by   tira98
    Have you taken chem online with ccconline?
  5. by   Mbock9
    The classes are all standardized so no matter where you take it you will learn the same thing. I took Chem 1110 online last spring and failed. It is an extremely hard class and almost impossible to pass online. I spoke with some of the Professors in the Chemistry department at my school and they said that they only saw a 3% pass rate for Chem online and the only reason they have them is that people request them and the school makes more money because you have to repeat the class. My suggestion is, don't so it. Take the class in a room, it will be better in the long run.
  6. by   AZMOMO2
    I tried to take it online and did miserably. Then I went to an in-person class and it was the exact same content and still just as hard but I got a B and was very happy! The online courses have no options for extra credit or an instructor "curve". So you really need to grasp the concepts and be really good at math to make them work. I think of your choices in class that would be the only one I would take in person, actually other than Micro, it is the only other one I have taken in person.
  7. by   Nurse2b7337
    if you do not have a job why not opt to go to class in person. I agree that I would never take Math or Chemistry online. Good luck in your decisions... I will be taking Chem and Math this coming semester and I will be in class. Chemistry has a lab for you to take as well.
  8. by   GoldenDomer63
    I was a chemistry tutor while completing my prerequisites for nursing school and a large percentage of my students were those who took chemistry online. I really wouldn't recommend it, especially if you think your math skills are weak. As an earlier poster stated, there are a lot of equations and you must be comfortable algebraically manipulating these formulae to solve for the unknown variables. You must also be very proficient in unit conversions.

    I am not saying it cannot be done, but since you will have time to study I would suggest taking it at school. Most of those who take the online class work and cannot make it into school for lecture.

    Good luck!