Pre reqs fall2013, life change, fin.aid&scholarship heeelp!

  1. Hi all! Im returning to school this fall to finish my pre-reqs for nursing.Half of it are done way back yr09 half of it Im starting this Fall. My Q is what are the chances of getting financial aid if I have already earned an AS degree(diff. Major), 2 kids&married? I used to rcv pell grant when all of those didnt occur in my life yet. I'm afraid mow they'll turn me down bc of all the changes. I'm not working as of now bc of my 2month old baby. But as soon as things are better I'll try to get back to work to support my expenses. Husband is very supportive about helping me pay my tuition but I don't want him to shoulder all the expense. So anyone knows if I'll ever have a chance of getting fin. Aid and does anyone know if there are scholarships that is willing to support students who are still taking their pre reqs? Cuz I know there are a lot of scholarships for nursing majors but what about those who are taking pre reqs. Also, what is appealing to fin.aid do? Is that something I can do in case I get denied?
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  3. by   jesslynn_85
    I'm in the same boat. You can appeal financial aid if you are denied; mine got declined so I am only receiving lottery at the moment. I used to get everything; pell grant, lottery, and a need-based grant. I have yet to find a scholarship out there for someone who is still taking pre-reqs but maybe you could look in your community and see if you can find something. I, thankfully, only have 2 classes left to take as pre-reqs so my out-of-pocket will be about $500 for the fall. Maybe a part-time admin job could help cover some expenses? Retail, waitressing, etc isn't going to be enough.
  4. by   MommaTy
    I think being married they will use both of your income so it may put you over the limit of getting it. If he is just working and has a really good paying job you may not get it. I'm a single mom to 5 kids so I get grants, plus I applied for scholarships. I have been accepted for 2 scholarships so far, hoping for more But scholarships you have to look into their requirements, some have none while others will. If you qualify apply for all scholarships available. Good luck to you.