Pre-nursing Student nyc 2007

  1. Hi, I am new to this website and would like to get more info in the nursing school at nyc. Anyone who will take or had already taken the nln exam in Manhattan? How is the test ? Does the study guide 2 edition by Mary Mcdonald really help or is it very different? I need help from all the experts here please...... Thank you very much and have a great day!
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  3. by   nurse2btracy
    Actually I just took the NLN today at Beth Israel school of nursing. The verbal and math sections were ok but in my opinion the science section was hard. About 75% of the questions were Chemistry/Physics related and I have not taken Chemistry since 1989 and have never taken Physics so I hope that I did well enough to get an interview.

    The book helped me review math and science that I had not taken in a while.

    Good luck!
  4. by   eyesonme
    Thanks for the info! I noticed the majority of the people took the nln exam in February, but I scheduled myself in March. Does it make a difference? Is it too late? Is it the earlier the better?
  5. by   nurse2btracy
    I don't think that it makes a difference as long as scores are in by April. Which school are you applying to?

    Good luck!
  6. by   eyesonme
    I am also applying philip israel too. Did you call in the admission office and make sure your school transcript is received? I called almost everyday there, but I was always put on old or being hang up. Did you have the same experience too? I actually schedule on 03/27/2007. Is it too late?
  7. by   nurse2btracy
    Actually they called a week prior to the NLN to confirm that I was taking it and give me info on when to come. They also said that my paperwork was complete.

    Good luck
  8. by   nurse2btracy
    I read on the website that the deadline to have all paperwork in is May 1 so you will have plenty of time to have your test scores in.
  9. by   eyesonme
    thanks Tracy,
    Did you take any special courses before taking the nln exam? such as Kaplan courses... I saw on this website that someone had taken the nln exam twice and more and got failed....I am so worried about this will happen to me. Anyone has advice for me. Thanks.