Pre-Nursing Scholarships?

  1. I have 4 terms (less than full-time each) of pre-reqs so I can apply in the winter term for the bursing program. I applied for Financial Aid but it does not look like I will qualify due to a 2-year degree I currently hold. I am trying to figure out an alternate plan to finance my schooling so my question is this.....

    Where can I find/apply for some pre-nursing scholarships along with nursing pre-nursing ones exist?

    the application process for scholarships through the college I plan on going to will not happen again until next Jan and I need financing sooner.....anyone able to help?
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Have you tried the local hospital? Sometimes the hospital and charities that contribute provide such scholarships. There are also local organizations (community not-for-profits) that do the same.

    The other option is to work crazy hours during the summers and work during school breaks. You can also sell off things you own that are worth something to someone (garage sales and online auctions).

    I too do not qualify for any financial aid and I have not won any scholarships. I attend a CC and am creating my own funds to add to my dwendeled savings (nurisng school has sucked up alot of money in supplies, tuition, etc.). However limited funds will not keep me from earning my degree. GL!