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  1. Hey guys, I need some help understanding my options for nursing in college. I recently was accepted into 5, but not ALL for pre nursing. I am a California resident and I would like to go to school out here. However ALL Cal State is impacted for nursing. I am a good student 3.7 gpa, 4.2 senior year. I have taken Physics, AP Calc, Honors Micro Bio. The catch is my SAT was really bad, 1480........ I took it 3 times and it never made sense no matter how much I studied. Some schools admits me into a different health major, can I still do pre-nursing pre reqs in a major like Pre Professional Health Sciences?Is it true that I can get into nursing school as a junior easier because I am a straight White Male ( not to be racist or sexist at all) after that I want to become a CRNA. Here are some schools

    ASU- Pre Professional- Health Sciences ( didn't get in their highly selective BSN)

    Cal State San Marcos- Health Sciences ( I think all incoming freshman are put into this?)

    Werstern Oregon - Pre Nursing BSN

    UNM- Pre Nursing BSN

    Cal State Bakersfield- Pre Nursing BSN

    And I can't tell on Colorado state Colorado Springs

    I really want to go to ASU or San Marcos, I need help understanding what classes I can take to go for just 4 years event hours I didn't get into their BSN directly. Does Pre Health cover the same 2-year pre req? SOOOO CONFUSINGGGGG, please if anyone could help
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    What you really need to do is to compare the curriculums for both majors. First try getting in for a Nursing degree... if you can't, you can try for another major with similar pre-req classes. The first year in college is pretty much the same all around... do well, and try to transfer into nursing at a later semester. If it doesn't work out there, try another institution.

    Many institutions have a waiting period between the pre-reqs and the nursing core classes. You need to do your homework on that so you know how to plan your time. Other schools, probably private and expensive, may not have waiting periods.

    Your sexuality, race, and gender have no bearing on your chances going into nursing school.

    Hoep that helps!
  4. by   Kvedaa
    I can speak to Western Oregon. They do not actually have a nursing program, OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University) has a satellite campus at the university so it is a completely different school to apply to. The OHSU program on the Western campus is a traditional BSN so three years, but you do not have to have a bachelors to apply. This is the program I am in.

    Being a pre-health student is usually something you can add to your degree upon acceptance to the university, you don't have to apply for it it's kind of like a choosing a minor. You also don't have to be pre-nursing to apply to ADN or BSN programs after completing the prereqs, it just gives you access to more information about nursing school requirements and good counseling. You can take all the prereqs without declaring "pre-health" or "pre-nursing".

    For me I got my B.S. sociology which was 4 years, my CNA and worked which was another year, then applied to a BSN program which is addition three years. You can apply to most with just your prereqs and no degree but it is really competitive and having a bachelors degree gives you an advantage. But being white/male does not help at all it is illegal for schools to give preference to anyone because of race, sex, age, disability, ethnicity, etc.