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  1. Hi Everyone! First off I would just like to say I am so glad I stumbled onto this site, it's amazing to see all this interaction amongst nurses/future nurses.
    I was hoping to get some help from some of y'all. I recently graduated from UF with a B.A. in Sociology. I had some ups and downs which led to a miserable GPA. I was hoping to take some of the science pre-reqs and eventually apply to nursing school. I would prefer to get another Bachelor's degree but I am fearful that I will not be admitted into an upper division nursing program because of my very flawed pass. I am by no means ruling out the possibility of getting a ADN, but I was wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and how they went about applying for schools, etc. I really don't want my dream to end just because of poor performance that I know is very atypical for me. Please help me out in anyway! Thanks!
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  3. by   CiCigirl
    hey gator! congrats on getting your b.a.

    i can somewhat relate to your situation....

    except for the "just graduated" part. but i got my b.s. (bio major/chem minor) seven years ago.

    i thought since i had a previous degree in the sciences that the accelerated bsn would be the best way for me to go. you know? if an adn takes two years and a accelerated bsn takes one and a half to two years, why not go for the degree that's higher level? more bang for your buck, right?

    not so in my situation. i'll tell you why (maybe it'll provide some insight into your situation).

    first of all my gpa wasn't the greatest--mid c overall. high b in my major.
    second, my degree was (at the time) six years old.

    i talked to a couple of people in the admissions dept.s of local universities that offer the accelerated bsn. one said my gpa was borderline for admission. the other said it was too low but that since it was so old i could still apply for admission and attempt to present my case at the interview as to why it was so low then, and why it would be higher this time if they just gave me a chance. you know, try to show them how i had grown, matured, would take nsg school seriously, etc.

    but both schools told me that since my classes were so old--i'd have to totally repeat all bio, chem and organic chem requirements before i could apply. yikes!! and one of them told me that i'd also have to repeat all other non-science pre-reqs like engl, soci, art, phil, etc. double yikes!!

    (nothing against soci. i know it's a science and all, but you know what i mean...bio and chem are totally different.)

    so i guess i said all that to say that if you are thinking about seeking a second degree bsn you might want to try to do it before your degree gets too old that way you can transfer in whatever classes you have in your present degree that would apply. (generally the time limit for credit transferability into accel. bsn programs in my area is 5 years or less.)

    so i chose to do an adn at a local comm. college b/c they would give me give me credit for the classes i'd already taken, no matter how old they are and then just ask me to finish up other pre-reqs so i could apply. plus they're cheaper. plus they're cheaper. did i happen to mention they're cheaper? :wink2:

    while weighing all the options (adn vs. bsn) i figured that with everything i'd have to repeat the bsn wouldn't be so accelerated for me. it'd take just over two years to retake all the bio and chem classes and then i could apply for admission to the accel. bsn. for me it wasn't worth it to go a total of four years to get a higher degree that starts out at about the same pay as an adn.

    so i chucked the bsn idea.

    hope the above info helps. for your situation:

    have you talked to someone in the accel. bsn program in your area to specifically ask their requirements?
    have you had a chance to plead your case and kind of "get a feel" from them what your chances might be?
    whatever caused your gpa downfall for your first degree--can you show them how you've overcome this obstacle so it wouldn't be a problem in the future?
    is it possible (in your area) to apply for the bsn and also a local adn program at the same time? would you be okay doing the adn if the bsn program didn't come through the first time or would you want to wait (however long) and re-apply to the bsn program? just some options to consider.


    remember that if you have bio and chem pre-reqs to get out of the way before you apply that you have the opportunity to produce stellar grades now and show the admissions dept. how you've become focused, mature, how you're taking your desire to go to nursing school seriously, etc. (you know, all the stuff they love to hear.)

    also, if you're taking the pre-reqs at the school you hope to apply to (and this is a different school than where you got your first degree) then you'll already have started building a gpa at that school that shows your newly-found focus and determination. b/c credits transfer, gpas do not (at least this is true in my area). so you could (in a sense) make a whole new start with your gpa. of course the college you're applying to would see the old gpa from the first degree on your official transcripts, but you'd also be able to show them the new and improved gpa as a testament to your ability.

    whew! who knew i was so long-winded. i think i tired myself out.:chuckle

    anyway hope some of the above helps. i'm not an authority on the subject but have had some experience (and obviously love to type, right?) so if i can assist further please don't hesitate to ask.

    and by all means, get with the admissions dept.s in your area for specifics and details about what they want to see in an applicant. this will go a long way in helping you make your decision.

    best wishes! :smilecoffeecup:
  4. by   gatorgrad06

    That was more than helpful! I really have considered applying to both just in case. And you are definitely right, CC are WAY cheaper! Thank you so much... all the points you made, all the questions I should probably ask... all things that were kinda scrambling in my head but I couldn't really make out.

    I will be taking A&P I and II, Microbiology, and Nutrition over the next year or so to prep me for schooling. I'm taking them at a local CC and I am going to apply there plus a couple of universities near my old home town (Jacksonville, FL) and a couple of universities near my fiancee's old home town (Tampa, FL). I am definitely writing down all those questions and calling admissions/counselor that can help me out and find the right method for me!

    I really appreciate all this help and hopefully one day soon I can call myself an RN!!!
    Thanks again!
  5. by   CiCigirl
    cool beans!!
  6. by   nycstudent
    Wow! I can't believe how similar our situations are. I was a Soc major graduated in '98. GPA in the toilet. Now I'm looking into BSN programs in New York - sooooo expensive and competitive. I will do the pre-reqs before applying to show a better attitude toward learning.
  7. by   gatorgrad06
    Thankfully FL is a lot cheaper! It's very intimidating... Can't wait to start the pre-reqs to prove how well I can do. Good Luck with everything! I'm sure things will work out for the best for both of us!!! :spin:
  8. by   CiCigirl
    me too!! :wink2:

    i'm really excited about nursing school too. i just started my first semester of pre-reqs at comm. college and i'm really happy about it.

    now, if i could just make the next couple of years zoom by at lightning speed i'd be in good shape...

    (i'm so impatient.) :selfbonk:

    take care and good luck to you!!
  9. by   MB37
    Big question to ask: do they look at your cumulative GPA or only your prereq GPA? I would guess that especially CCs look more at the prereq GPA. I know USF in Tampa, where I am planning on going, looks at cumulative for every single class at every school you've ever gone to. I don't know if that's standard for Florida public unis or not, since I didn't apply anywhere else. They do tend to accept lower GPAs for the accelerated program than for upper division though - 3.4 ish vs. 3.7 ish, from what I've been told.
  10. by   gatorgrad06

    USF does? Geez... the way it's sounding I may only want to apply to CC and save my money for tuition!!!

    And to think... if I woulda chosen nursing in the first place I might not be in this boat. There is no way I can raise my GPA to that with just my pre-reqs alone. Hopefully I can find a college that suits me!
  11. by   nycstudent
    I doubt they will hold the past against you like that. I have talked with admissions at NYU,Columbia and other top tier schools in my area and they really want people who can show initiative and passion now. That is why they have second degree programs. I think if you make your face known at the schools your interested in and go talk with these people before you even do your pre-reqs you'll be happily surprised. They can be brutally honest and tell you that you are better off at a community college or let you know that you should apply to their school on the contingency that your grades get up in the first semester. You don't know unless you talk to the people who make these decisions.
  12. by   gatorgrad06
    i just wanted to thank everyone who replied and helped me out with my questions that i had! i really appreciate the help and support and am tremendously glad i joined this message board! gl to everyone (even myself) in your future endeavors!