1. Hi everyone! i would really like some advice other than what I am getting from school counselors. My story is pretty long, but i would greatly appreciate any advice. I am in NV bcs i heard getting into school would be easier here, as i originallay lived in CA. NOT THE CASE. I already have a bachelor's but bcs i slacked off in pre-reqs, I am not able to get into UNLV, UNR. Aside from that, I repeated my A&P II three times in a row. My grades were C-, C+ and then a B+, as I was told by another school to try a third time. Well, this school in NV shut down, so i tried NSC. NSC informed me i have to wait until 2018 - 7 years, bcs they will only allow you to take 2 courses over in 7 years. That applies to CSN, UNR and UNLV. HOWEVER, found out too late that CSN lets you take class 3 times...too late deadline is missed, will now have to wait for 2012..too long. its my fault for not talking to each school, but my heart was set on this one school....

    At this point I am desperate to get anywhere. Am thinking heavily on ITT (no graduating class yet, its a gamble), or Carrington in RENO (ive heard their accreditation is a yoyo). I went to ITT for a tour/seminar. Someone asked average pass rate, and the admissions rep said 80%..LIES!!! there is no passing rate yet for that school. That really turned me off. But it's still an option. I am afraid I will have a license, but will be limited with job opportunities. I'm not rich to the point where i can spend 53K in tuition and not have it go anywhere in the end.

    What do you guys think of Carrington/ITT or even USN. USN is all online school, but i heard that you have to maintain a 90%. I also heard minimum GPA is 2.75, but read 3.2? the thing is, you cant talk to a counselor in person. everything is phone/fax/email, in my experience.

    Any light that can be shed on my situation will be greatly cherished! sorry for typos in advance.

    -Pepper N.
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  3. by   Student4_life
    I'd advise you to wait until you can apply to the one low cost yet respected school. At that time apply to all the programs you are eligible for.

    There is a constant debate in here between 2&4 year programs, for-profit/not-for-profit/state schools, and which degrees are better. When it down to it the best school is unique to the individual.

    A preference for hiring (at least according to the posts on this site) seems to be for BSN prepped nurses, there also seems to be a bias away from the for-profits. But again your situation is yours alone and my preference (a public BSN after spending 2 years in a CC, not saying it's the best option, but it is the best option for me) has no bering on yours.