Please give me advice before I make a rash decision?

  1. I switched my major to nursing in 2016 after realizing that nursing is meant for me and I see myself doing it for the long haul. Now I got a B in A&P 1 and prepared to take microbiology and A&P 2 of spring 2017.I took those classes and due to a death in my family I got a C on A&P 2 and C- on microbiology. I retook micro fall of 2017 and got a B and right now I am retaking A&P 2. Right now I am feeling very discouraged because I just want to make a good grade on this class so I can apply to the program at my school. Right now I have a C- due to a poor grade I made on the first exam. Now my professor is dropping this exam but I just took the second one and I feel like Im going to fail it again. I studied harder this time but the way my professor wants so much detail makes me feel like I will only fail this again. I have one more exam to take and Im just thinking maybe I should drop the class or just forget nursing. I know this sounds emotional and irrational and all over the place but I just want to be in nursing school and it hurts me that I am making poor grades in this class when I really am trying. Please someone give me advice.
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    Is it too late to drop without a W? Having a W still counts as an attempt at some programs. If you cant just try as hard as you can on your upcoming exams and not solely focus on nursing school. I am currently having the same issue. I took AP1 and got a B in lecture and C in the lab and a C in both classes for AP2. I decided that I needed to start at the beginning and is now taking human biology before I start back with retaking AP.