Placed on the wait list?

  1. So I guess I wasn't accepted into Michigan State University's traditional BSN program. However, they said I've been placed on a wait list. Has anyone had experience with a wait list? What are the chances enough people drop out and I get a spot?

    This is my second time applying. I really hope I can finally get in! I just want to graduate!
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  3. by   lalacb123
    By any chance, do you know what position you are on the waitlist?
  4. by   iono101
    Nope. They never mentioned it.

    "The pool of applicants was extremely competitive and while you were not recommended for admission, you have been placed on a wait list. The number of applicants on the wait list is limited. Admitted students must notify this office of their intent to enroll in the program by April 26th, 2013. You will be notified if and as soon as a seat becomes available. If admitted to the program, you will be required to attend the mandatory orientation session on August 26th, 2013."

    I know that my friend was placed on the wait list last semester and he was admitted the week before the nursing classes started. I also know that this semester they will be accepting 80 students instead of the regular 60. I'm still hoping I'll get in.
  5. by   lalacb123
    Don't give up yet! There's always a chance you still may get accepted!
  6. by   dsb_fam
    I was an alternate for a competitive ABSN program and just found out I am in!!!! Get everything ready that they need and be prepared for the call, you never know. I was #5 on the wait list.
  7. by   Everline
    I was supposed to start nursing school in the Fall, but got notified that I was an alternate for the class starting this May. I didn't think I'd actually get a seat in that class, but I did. You never know! Good luck to you!
  8. by   iono101
    Thank you guys! I'll be so happy when I get in. I'm just curious because they never mentioned what number I was.
  9. by   rachaelbennett
    I was on a waitlist for three years for one school. I then ended up moving to a different city and applied to a nursing program there and got in on the first shot! I am finishing up my first semester now and got my letter of acceptance from the first school I applied to. Funny how that works.

    Here is my advice. Do not stop studying! Prepare prepare prepare! Study anatomy and phys and pathophysiology too! If you struggle with math do that too. Search topics of first semester nursing school cirriculum.
    Or apply to other schools as well. It is better to be on two or three waitlists then just one.

    Good luck to you!