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  1. So summer is on its way and I was planning to take physiology over the summer if possible. Now I'm douting if I should because I overheard my anatomy teacher praising a student for taking physiology over the summer cause she said that's hard. My friend's cousin also said taking physiology over the summer is very difficult and not recommended.. now i dont know if I should. who has taken physiology over the summer ? Was it hard ? I'm not sure what to do at the moment. If I decide not to take physiology over the summer, what do you guys think about taking a semester(16/18 weeks) of microbiology and physiology together ?
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  3. by   idkmybffjill
    I took one of my A&P classes over the summer, and I didn't have an issue. It was only 2 weeks shorter, and as long as you are good at time management, I don't think it's that much more difficult than a fall or spring semester one. I'd think it would be easier to deal with a slightly shorter physiology class than having both a hard physiology class and a hard micro class at the same time. But that's me.
  4. by   RMurse4
    Yeah I'm planning to either do cna over the summer or fall.
    Cna over the summer:
    Going to have to appeal for fasfa to finish micro and physiology in one semester.
    Physiology over summer:
    Will be more complicated due to less weeks(also I heard it's hard) and then micro and cna program during a regular semester. Also I wouldn't have to worry about appealing cause I have only physiology and micro left
  5. by   RebeccaMichelle
    I took anatomy and physiology I over the summer last year and it was great! This summer I am taking chemistry and psychological development. I did not think it was more difficult over the summer. The only difference for me was that during the summer, I did not have to do any kind of group presentation. During the fall and spring for my science classes we have to do group projects. I am taking micro now and I really love it. I think you will be fine if you just use your time wisely and study. I have a friend who is in that class and he doesn't work and he lives with his parents and he has a D in it. I take full course loads and work full time and I have As in all my classes. I am only saying this because you get out of these clasess what you put into them.