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Has anyone taken Microbiology on-line and if so, through which school? And how was the course, easy, hard, ?????... Read More

  1. by   Southern Magnolia
    lisa (hootiemcfly emt-p),

    do you still have the things for micro? i'm looking for somewhere to take it this summer and would love to buy the things used instead of having to get new.


  2. by   katyanne
    What college is ccconline where you have had such a good experience with microbiology and the prereqs for nursing?
  3. by   wendyfairhope

    I am following the postings about the online microbiology course at rrcc. Many thanks for the info! I wonder if anyone out there can give me a sense of the pacing of this course? I have never (being over 40!) taken an online college course but this might just work for my busy summer. Does one have to log on at particular times to view the lecture or how exactly does it work? Many thanks for bringing me up to speed!
  4. by   Sand_Dollar
    CCCOnline stands for Colorado Community Colleges online. It's a group of community colleges around the state that have come together to offer a unified online presence. If you are out of state, you go to -- CCCOnline Home Page and pick a home college, any will do. This home college handles your registration, tuition and transcripts. CCCOnline teaches, but they don't handle anything like that. You will get nothing with ccconline on it, it will all be seen as being done through the home college you choose. If you have any specific Q's feel free to leave me a message on my profile if you don't yet have the 15 need to PM me. I am busy finishing up my semester so haven't been watching the posts lately.
  5. by   Sand_Dollar
    wendyfairhope - Don't worry about being new to online classes, although I don't know the format of rrcc classes, online classes are great. Of course you can occassionally get bad teachers, but you get that anywhere. I'm that age too, with two teens who also do their schooling at home. I started my pre-reqs two years ago and will be done my A.S. in a couple of weeks, all done online. If you are organized you should do fine. I took 6 classes this semester and although its a huge load, I am motivated and very organized - it can be done! You can do it too!
    Good luck!
  6. by   wendyfairhope
    Oh thanks so for the encouragement! I am nervous, but I keep hearing it can be done! Did your online courses typically allow you to log in when it was best for you or did you have to stick to a schedule? I am thinking of taking anatomy in a traditional setting and want to make sure these don't conflict. I will also get hold of the CCC folks and good to know all that you shared about them...
  7. by   Sand_Dollar
    wendyfairhope - Your schedule is your own. Things like discussions and tests open and close between certain days, but it's up to you when to get it done. The classes vary, but I find in a traditional semester each unit is open for about two weeks. I was able to get my statistics unit and final done early because it had just opened up, but the class isn't done until the end of the semester (18 days). You will get a schedule and a rubric... be sure to look at that rubric. It will tell you how many times the teacher expects you to post to get full marks. I have some that you only have to post replies twice, another is four. Just follow the rubric and there should be no reason why you won't get full marks.

    Most tests are timed, but I have had some (like music appreciation) that aren't. Again, its all up to the teacher. I did AP online and really liked it. I had already bought a microscope for another Bio class so didn't have to buy that again, but there is that initial outlay. The tests are all open book, and timed, so you still need to know your stuff (or at least where to find it in the book). It's something you might want to think about, but be sure since it is such an important class.

    Good luck!
  8. by   Cgolden
    Are all of you living in Colorado? I am trying to take micro and pathophysiology online and am having no luck in Texas......did you have a problem taking them out of state online? Sorry I am new to this and would just like a little more info from someone who has gone through this.
  9. by   Lucky Latina
    Ocean County College in Toms River, NJ has just opened a third section of Microbiology BIOL 232 DL3 totally online including the laboratory. It is in their Summer 2010 Second Five Week Semester which begins on June 30, 2010 and ends on August 4, 2010. I took this course online a year ago and absolutely loved it. I have taken many online courses but this one was the best. It is very straight forward and you must purchase a LabPaq and microscope which you use at home. The labs were actually a lot of fun. It was clinically focused and I learned a lot which was a major help with my nursing courses.

    Here is their web address:

    I loved the course and the professor.
    Lucky Latina
  10. by   Sand_Dollar
    Cgolden - I'm in CO itself, but there have been MANY students from around the country, even from other countries. No proctored tests, so it really doesn't matter where you are (except for $, of course).
  11. by   CANDYRDA
    Hi an you email me if you hav the equiptment still thank you
  12. by   kenpochic
    I took microbiology online the first half of the summer through PBCC. Let me tell you what a joke this class was. I have never taken such an easy class in my life. This teacher was soooooooo easy. Anyone who didnt get an A was a moron. The test were all online and he would tell us the questions that would be on the test. Then he would either highlight or underline the section of the powerpoint notes that pertained to that question. If anyone is going to take microbiology through Palm beach community college let me know. I will tell you who to take. you will spend no time at all on this class lol
  13. by   aimlou65
    Hi Lisa,
    I have just registered to take the online micro class through red rocks. I have already taken the class, and am taking it again to improve my grade. I would like to purchase your kit if it is still available. Please call me (303)918-3204 or email me aimlou@comcast. net. I would also like to know from you how the format of the class worked for you. I have just finished an online chem class and it worked well for me. I will be taking the accelerated version also. Thanks for your help.