Online classes?

  1. I am getting ready to register for the summer semester at my local cc and I am interested in taking some online classes. The thing is I have never taken one before and believe that I learn better in the classroom. I just have so many pre-req to take care of that I'll try anything to start knocking them down. I would like to get some advice on what one thinks would be a good starter class. You know just to see if it is the right thing for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hi curly,

    I have taken most of my pre reqs online and loved it! I have 4 kids and even though it got crazy at times, I still did very well in all of them. I have taken A&P I & II, both Governments, 3 Englishes, 2 Psychs, Sociology and Humanities online. I didn't do Micro online simply because I knew the instructor that taught it was awful!!! Plus I took it last semester with A&P II and Psych, so I figured I better go to that class on campus since I had heard that it was tough. I would not have had it any other way. It takes more time for studying, and I used a TON of printer ink, but it was worth it! Just make sure that you print out EVERYTHING. In my A&P classes, I think that it was even better than on campus classes, because my instructor had flash cards and games that allowed us to interact with, which made it so much easier. As a matter of fact, my school will implement some of the nursing classes online, so I am excited about that!! This will be the first semester for them to do that. I am a very visual learner, so I tend to read and make notes in my own hand anyway. But again, I caution, you must be disciplined. It is very easy to put off studying when you have classes online. Good luck with whatever you choose~
  4. by   dejones3
    I have taken 4 classes online. Eng 1&2, sociology, and geography. It helped out a lot because I work and go to school full time. Also, while I was taking the harder science classes, I could focus more on them.
  5. by   curlysue82
    Thanks a lot for the responses. I was thinking about taking either History or Sociology as my first online class. I would have originally taken all my classes in the classroom but it just seems as if every class I need falls on the date and time of another (go figure). I hope I can be as disciplined as I should. I have two daughters and a husband; they all love to fight for my attention. Who knows, I may love it and want to take all classes that way.
  6. by   hlfpnt
    When I was in my prereqs I did at least one class online every semester. It worked out well & I was able to avoid the overlapping of dates & times. I finished my prereqs sooner, too. I chose mine by degree of difficulty & whether or not I thought I'd need class room instruction. For example, I'm bad at math so that was a campus class...I'm good at english & writting so humanities was an online option. I liked the distance learning so well that I've chosen an online BSN program to further my education. As previously stated, distance learning does take alot of self discipline. Good luck to you!
  7. by   sweetbeet
    LOVED my online soc. class. I've taken all but 2 of my prereqs online. I took the 2 maths I needed in person because I do way better with an actual classroom environment there.

    I made sure I was up on the teacher's schedule for quizzes and exams. Also, I would make sure what kind of exams the prof is requiring. This term I had a prof who required proctored online exams at a campus test center even thought the syllabus didn't make any mention. For the most part the profs are good about answering your questions. Sometimes you get ones that aren't as organized as others as far as content, but it's all good.

    Good Luck!!!!