OHSU Accelerated Bachelors to Masters 2010

  1. There is not a lot of discussion about OHSU Accelerated Bachelors to Masters out there. I have been accepted to the Midwifery program that starts Summer 2010. I wanted to know if there are any current students (or fellow applicants) out there who wouldn't mind talking about the pros/cons of OHSU, Financial aid, quality of the program, instructors, living location advice...anything!!! Are you happy you chose OHSU? Do you wish you would have gone somewhere else? I need to decide where I am going to go soon and any help/info/advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   sbodian
    I am thrilled about getting accepted to the Acc Bac to DNP program at OHSU. I got accepted to 2 other programs, but neither was as well acclaimed as OHSU's midwifery program. It is ranked 1st or 2nd in the country and from what I understand the faculty are top notch.

    I had a hard time signing my decline to Yale and Columbia because they are such prestigious schools, but neither offered a DNP and the cost was prohibitive at both schools. Further, clinicals are arrange by faculty at OHSU, from what I understand this is not the case for Columbia. I also understood clinicals were, at times frustrating, at Yale.

    I spoke with one of the OHSU students just yesterday and she said that she loves the program and that the faculty and clinicals are excellent.

    Keep me posted on what you decide. I hope that you are happy with whatever decision you make.
  4. by   woohoo123
    I decided to go to OHSU, as well - couldn't pass up the great program and great city. There is not a lot of student experiences on this website like other schools (Yale, Columbia, UCSF, etc) so I was having a hard time being 100% confident in my decision. But I talked to a student who is currently in the Acc Bachelors year and sounds like it is a great program. So you are going for the DNP in Nurse-Midwifery? I thought about DNP but decided I would just do the Masters for now and decide later. Do you have any thought of what neighborhoods most students live in? When are you planning on moving there? I'm thinking I will move in the beginning of June to have a few days to get settled and check out the city. I look forward to meeting you in a few months!
  5. by   DCDoula
    Hi woohoo,

    I'll also be starting the Acc Bac to Masters in midwifery this summer! I'm moving from DC. Where are you coming from? I plan to head out to PDX at the end of May. It sounds like we're a cohort of 8 -- can't wait to meet you :-)
  6. by   woohoo123
    I'll be coming from Wisconsin. Are you guys thinking about living "on the hill" close to campus or in some other neighborhood? I am not sure yet if I want to live by myself or just craigslist it for roommates....anyone know if OHSU is going to set up a list for all of us to get in contact with each other?
  7. by   DCDoula
    It'd be great if they set up some kind of contact list (Facebook page or Yahoo group) for new students. Maybe we could initiate it by calling the admissions office?

    I'm still thinking about location, but when I visited Portland for the interview, gravitated toward the NW 23rd St neighborhood (very cute and pretty accessible by public transportation to OHSU) or the SW Waterfront area (which is next to the tram up the hill).

    Good luck with your move!
  8. by   sbodian
    I just set up a face book group called: OHSU Accelerated Bachelors to Masters 2010. It should be easy enough to find.
    I plan to move to Portland in early June. I've heard that Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest are great areas to live. I also heard that these districts have great access to public transport and bike routes to the school.

    Is anyone else going to be part of the DNP Midwifery program?
  9. by   areawoman
    Hey all you who were accepted into the OHSU midwifery program...I applied for the 2009 cohort and was put on the waiting list. I was accepted into and started the program at Ohio State, but now my husband has been transferred to the west coast so I'm going to re-apply. Would any of you mind telling me what your stats (GPA/GRE scores) were like or giving me any hints as to what you've done to make yourself OHSU-worthy? It has been my top choice all along, and I'm looking forward to a second chance, but I'm also worried about being rejected again.
  10. by   woohoo123
    Hey areawoman,

    My gpa was 3.5 in my undergrad and my prereq's were 4.0 (since i didn't take hardly any science classes in my undergrad). GRE i don't quite remember but i think it was something like 1250.
    I think the main thing would be to have birth experience - have you been a doula before? If not, I would recommend trying to start that and definitely write about that in your essay.
    Best of luck and hopefully we will see you around campus soon!
  11. by   areawoman
    Yes, that must be my problem -- my only "birth experience" is my own. I have pre-reqs of 4.0/undergrad of 3.9 and a 1300 on the GRE, and I know my recommendations were good. I have been a peer breastfeeding counselor, which I thought was good enough, but I guess not. Doesn't it take like 2 years to become a doula though?
  12. by   woohoo123
    Look for volunteer doula programs - then you can start right away and not have to be certified or anything (just usually go through a training with the volunteer program and have a free schedule where you can attend births). I wish I could give you info about volunteer program locations, but unfortunately i only know of the one i was a part of in San Diego.

    Everyone else that is going to OHSU - have you heard anything from financial aid? I am wondering if I should be doing something now like looking for loans or something? I really have no idea how this whole financing grad school works? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks!
  13. by   areawoman
    Grad school financial aid is pretty much the same as undergraduate, only with different amounts allowed for subsidized loans if you qualify for them. Fill out your FAFSA and you should be good to go as far as loans are concerned. I would talk to the financial aid office at your school to see if you qualify for fellowships or anything like that.
  14. by   45whenimdone
    For the newbies coming to PDX, check out city-data.com for any/all questions you may have! great site! congrats and good luck!