NVCC Hum/Fine Arts Elective

  1. I am in the process of doing my prereqs for the Traditional or Online Hybrid Nursing Program at NVCC. I met with an advisor yesterday but forgot to ask what the recommended hum/fine arts elective nursing students should take. I don't want to just pull a class out of my back pocket, I want the one that will be the most helpful in transferring to a four year college. What humanities or fine arts classes have you nursing students taken specifically if you have attended/attending NVCC.
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  3. by   leenak
    Are you talking about Northern Virginia Community college?

    I don't remember a fine arts requirement when I did my undergrad but I had taken classes that qualified. Northern Virginia CC has an articulation agreement with George Mason I believe and I think your best bet would be to look at what type of classes George Mason requires. They actually list out various classes that fulfill the Arts requirement.


    Scroll down until you see Arts and the various classes listed.

    And I'm guessing it probably doesn't matter what classes you take and I know I've seen nursing students grumble a bit about having to take humanities type courses. I think though there has been work in things like art and music therapy so a course in that might be beneficial later on. Also, one of the best ways to understand a culture is to look at their art, whether that is visual art or musical art. So I think art classes from various cultures can bring some cultural knowledge.

    Lastly, feel free to take a class on just a general subject that interests you.
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