NVCC Applications?

  1. Anyone else waiting on the application for the nursing program at Naugatuck Valley CC?

    We were supposed to have them Oct 1, then it was Oct 15, then it was Nov 1, then Nov 15 and still no application.

    January 15 (due date) is right around the corner with school holidays and vacations in between. Hope I do not need any obscure high school transcripts since I graduated in 85 they probably do not exist anymore.
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  3. by   trepinCT
    Hello! I am from Ct. also. It took forever for a lot of the programs to put up their apps online. NVCC never gave reason why.as long as you have been taking your pre reqs. at NVCC , you shouldnt have to worry about HS transcripts. I graduated from HS in 1986. Some programs that I applied to did require my HS transcrpits and I had no problem getting a hold of them.good luck and keep in touch.