nursing programs in Tampa area

  1. Hi,
    i am now working on my pre-requisites for a nursing program , i almost finished them and we are moving to Tampa this summer. SO, i am lookikng for a college to get into nursing program there.
    Is anyone from there? lets make friends!
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  3. by   mancusos7
    HI there, yes you can go to Hillsborough community college for a 2 yr program or USF for a 4 yr one.
    I'm head for HCC as I have little ones at home and a big baby of a husband to take care of, LOL.

  4. by   BlessedMom
    There is an ASN-RN program for HCC in Tampa. There is a BSN at USF or University of Tampa. They are highly competitive at USF. The last time a friend's sister got denied with a 3.7. I am taking some courses at HCC right now in Brandon and enjoy it.
  5. by   skazka
    3.7? what GPA should we have then 4.0? to be accepted
    you disappointed me....
  6. by   BlessedMom
    Quote from skazka
    3.7? what GPA should we have then 4.0? to be accepted
    you disappointed me....
    That was last year so you never know. It is very competitive at USF. I know that. I am not sure about U of T. HCC is competitive as well but with a lower end. I think a friend told me that it was 3.4 was the cutoff the last time they had people. They have a lower minimum requirement but last time the cutoff was 3.4. They go by the GPA of your PREREQs only though at HCC. The GPA could be lower or higher the next time. That is an ASN-RN program and you can do a bridge program later (through other universities). Please don't lose hope!!! Don't be disappointed. I totally understand where you are at right now. I am actually waitlisted at a university right now and have almost a 3.6 GPA but they "weighted" those in the university already first (I am in Florida and moving up to Missouri) so I know what that disappointment feels like BUT you have t okeep the faith girl! You wil lfind the right program for you! I heard something about St.Petersburg CC so check into that program. I think it is also a ASN-RN.
  7. by   skazka
    thank you for these words,
    actually i applied to SPC and they accepted me, transfered all my credits from NJ. it is something already. I didnt apply for the program to them yet, because i am finishing my last prerquisites these semester and the semester is over May, 8 . The deadline for the application for the nursing in SPC is May , 15 ( for spring semester). If i manage to send my spring 2007 transcript by these deadline, i will try, if not- so i will apply for spring 2008 to them and to HCC too. I also consider USF
    But i dont know whom they accept??????Do all accepted students have 4.0? i dont believe ...I have 3.7 and i am the best in all my classes. I dont know...
  8. by   MB37
    USF is competitive but where isn't? That's the only school I'm applying to, and with my 3.8 I am not particularly nervous. They look only at GPA and if you're applying for upper division they accept 48 people 2x/yr. If you have over a 3.5 I would apply there, you never know how low they will go each semester. I've heard cutoff s usually around 3.6-3.7, so you may well get in. Deadline is Oct 15 I believe for a Jan start date, and you have to have finished all prereqs before applying. I'm applying for summer admit for the accelerated program, so my circumstances are a little different. USF is not terribly expensive, UT is private and quite expensive, and HCC and SPC are community colleges so very cheap with slightly lower GPA requirements and HCC at least does look at prereq GPA vs. cumulative at USF. Good luck, and hope you like Tampa! I've only been here a year, and it is different.