Northern California Schools

  1. Hi, I'm going to San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton right now for the prereqs for nursing, and I've been planning on taking the associates program there, but I'm not too sure about anything after that. I was wondering if any of you had heard anything about really good schools for BSN or any other RN programs in Northern California.
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  3. by   jesa
    San Jose State University has a BSN, but don't know if that's too far south for you
  4. by   jewelsg627
    I was just accepted to SFSU BSN program which starts in August.

    SFSU actually has *2* BSN programs:

    1.) Main campus - this woudl be for transfers and people doing their FIRST bachelor's. They don't accept 2nd degrees at the main campus.

    2.) Satellite program at Canada College in RWC - This program is for people (like me) who already have a bachelor's and going for their 2nd. Your degree is still from SFSU; still SFSU faculty and courses - just have classes held at Canada and do most clinicals at Sequoia Hospital in RWC.

    I have worked with many RN's and SFSU's rep is excellent, from what I hear.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Chico State has a BSN program.

  6. by   livinglighthouse
    I attended Delta College (and UOP) 15 years ago......

    Now I'm waiting for Chico State or Butte College up north of Sacramento.