Northern CA Nursing School, GPA, volunteer....stress level?

  1. Hello!

    I will be graduating this spring with a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology and I am considering applying to nursing school. I have a few questions for nurses who went to northern CA schools (specifically USF, UCSF, SFSU, and Sonoma State).

    What was your GPA? Mine is 3.0 right now and I'm afraid thats too low. However, I do have a degree in Biology, so does that give me more points than someone with a non-science BS or a BA? I still need to take some prerequisites so I will be able to raise it a little (yes, even though I have a BS in Bio. Most prereqs are lower than anything I took and I was told I need those specific courses)

    Did you have volunteer hours at a hospital? How many would you suggest? I will be volunteering as much as possible until I apply (It will take me summer/fall semesters to complete the prereqs).

    Also, I am sure that nursing school will be a TON of work, but I cannot imagine it would be that much more than my BS (Cell and Molecular Bio is the "pre-med" major for my college). If someone who had a Bio/Chem BS could let me know their opinion I would appreciate it

    Any other suggestions?

    Thank you!!!!
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