NLN test composite formula?

  1. Does anyone know how the NLN test is weighted? I just took my first practice test and got raw scores of 46 in verbal, 38 in math and 52 in science for a total raw score of 136. I'm estimating this to possibly be in the mid-150s for composite but would like to be able to calculate it more accurately. Does anyone know the weighting factors for each category? Or perhaps your raw scores were similar?

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  3. by   LMRN10
    Not positive on my actual score, but I have my percents (my sheet is packed away because I am moving this weekend - I'll see if I can find it tonight).

    I got a 61% on my Verbal, 94% on Math and 97% on Science and got a 92% composite percent for AD which was a composite score of 133.
  4. by   JustinTJ
    Check the NLN result sticky at the top of this forum. A lot of people list their total results so you can gauge an idea of what your percentile would be.

    Mine was

    57/60 Verbal, 36/40 Math, 41/60 Science

    Composite was 148, Percentile AD was 98th.

    If you compare, you can get a good idea on what certain scores = number of correctly answered questions.