NLN scores?

  1. hi,

    i just took the nln exam today and i feel like i completely bombed it. its been years since i've taken any kind of math or science (not to mention, i'm really bad at sciences and math... and verbal. ok so im bad in every subject.. so it's obvious this exam was a real struggle for me).

    i was wondering what is considered an average score? i got a 112.

    has anyone in human history ever gotten into nursing school with a 112 before? (i doubt it)

    it seems like the highest score is 200, so i'm guessing nursing students usually make between 150-200, right?

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  3. by   winterlights08
    Don't beat yourself up! You did fine! The school I took the NLN for only requires a 100, which is the 50th percentile. But the scores are based on the what people typically score, which is between 50-150. I don't really understand how it's calculated..but I got a 142 which even though it's far away from 200, it still put me in the 97%. Did you go on the NLN website to look at the composite scores/percentile ranking?
  4. by   dandona
    Thanks for responding! Wow congratulations on your score!!

    The website hasn't posted anything yet because not all the students took the exam (today was the first day, and I was among the first to take it).

    So did you get into the nursing program?
  5. by   winterlights08
    Thanks!I've been accepted to the school, but I'm still waiting for their final acceptance to the nursing program. I had an "interview" last week and letters should be going out this week!