1. Hey yall! I made an 84 on the nln. I'm attending west ga technical college. I purchased the study guide from the bookstore (by nln) and studied it cover to cover for three weeks before the test. I had everything in that book down and made over 200 notecards. I didn't see much on the nln from the study guide. Did nln publish new tests or am I doing something wrong? What book did you use and what tips could you give me? Thanks so much for the help!!
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  3. by   mpoppym
    I took the NLN and found that questions for physics and chemistry were many. I studied that guide, a couple other random guides and also the two physics and chemistry books for dummies. I passed with a composite score of 98. I wouldnt have done well without taking a couple months to study the science part. Honestly, I think there were two questions about a cell and I dont remember any anatomy questions at all.
  4. by   slangley
    I know I think I need to go ahead and buy the chemistry and physics book for dummies! Did you use the magraw-hill study guide or the kaplan study guide? I'm thinking about getting those to study by.
  5. by   mpoppym
    I used the one published by NLN. That is the main one to study, and the most helpful. However, I have a lot of others (I know, I was overly concerned about passing) and if I could choose one of the others it would be the McGraw-Hill because it covers physics like wavelengths (at least 4 questions?). All the guides were helpful for math. Conversions between fractions-decimals-percentages are critical! I never saw so many questions on that at once! You can never have too many study guides, because the more you practice, the more you will get right!
  6. by   mpoppym
    Oh yes, I figured out that memorizing vocabulary words doesnt really help, because you could spend time memorizing 3,000 words and maybe those arent the ones on the test! Time spent reading the NLN guide for test taking strategies is more valuable so you can learn to use process of elimination on the vocab word part if you need to. Really, time spent on chemistry and physics would probably make a huge difference.
  7. by   slangley
    Yes I have that one and I have the entire science section learned. I made so many notecards. I completed every test times and wrote down the questions I missed and made notecards of them. I studied my butt off. I just don't know what else to do
  8. by   mpoppym
    Which section did you get your lowest score? For reading/vocab, I would buy other study guides besides the ones you have and take practice tests. Also, NLN has free practice tests online that you can take. I took all of them! When I got a low score or timed out, I hit the books again before I retried online. For math, I used all the study guides to solve the math problems. I did it over and over until I didnt make any mistakes. For science, well, I already said it. If you didnt take chem and physics already, you have to teach yourself. I also saw a lot of questions on electric circuits.
  9. by   slangley
    Science was the lowest grade for me. I guess I should do the online tests.. I haven't done that yet. Thanks for your help!
  10. by   Trinisweet
    Hi guys, wnt2bacnm & slangley, i just want to thank you all for the great info you both posted, i am fighting to pass the NLN RN entrance also, so i will talk your advice. I have one question, where will i find that NLN free online practice test you spoke about?
  11. by   mpoppym is the website. You might have to register, but it's in there. Let us know how you did!