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  1. I have been doing some thinking about my pass days in volunteering at the local cancer hospital at MD Anderson and Texas Children's hospital; i have started to possilby look into the nursing profession. I am currently soon to be graduating Accounting Business student.

    My academic concerns at the moment are but no limited to the following:

    (1)Do i need to retake some classes to qualify to get in to Nursing school? Or should I apply for the accelerated program?

    (2)A person whom I was talking to whom was accepted into nursing school told me the national board exam sometimes has a science section and others do not. Is this true? If so, should I forgo trying to take a test with a sciene section? Any effects if any on my admission application?

    (3)Also, when I apply for the school, I will be applying to become a RN and then apply again to specialize, right?

    I am confused how people become LVPN, CNA's, RN's, etc.... I thought everyone first become a RN.

    (4)There seems to be a lot of information. Anywhere I can go to straighten all the confusion for someone wanting to change gears?

    Thank You.
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  3. by   SierraMoon
    An admissions counselor at your school(s) of choice would be the best place to go. She or He would have all the info about prerequisites and entrance exams. There's no national standard so it's hard for anyone to be specific about what you will need. Usually, you'll need Anatomy and Physiology, microbiology as prereqs.

    CNAs are unlicensed support personnel. LP(or V)N are Licensed Practical (Vocational) Nurses, with a year of nursing school and some restrictions on what types of nursing care they can provide. CNA<LPN<RN