New Pre-Nursing Student. Help with Prepping for NLN-PAX RN

  1. Hello there everyone!

    I have been lurking on this site for quite some time. I finally realized that now would be the best time to go back to school, I have a secure home, my bills are getting paid at the moment, and I got my student aid stuff worked out (FINALLY). I have been out of high school for four years and this is all new to me. No one in my family has ever been to college, and thus I have no guides on what to do.

    To be brief, I was accepted at Jefferson Community and Technical College. I plan to enroll full-time on July 13 for the fall semester. Now my questions pertain to getting into the course, what to do prior, and everything in between now and graduation. I am at a loss as to what to do now that I am IN the college.

    I picked up a copy of McGraw-Hill's Guide to Nursing School Entrance Exams, and I have been studying that for a few hours everyday. I can't believe what I forgot in four years! Fractions, word problems, slope forumla, once so easy, are now killing me! I was wondering if anyone has found a good book/website that can offer me practice worksheets and some more in-depth guides. This book is alright, but some of the answers are wrong and it doesn't go into a whole lot of detail on some of the finer points.

    So question #1: What subjects does the math on the NLN-PAX RN cover? Topics would be grand.
    Question #2: How in depth is the vocab that is tested? Can you give me examples and where I would best study for this topic?

    I have alot more to say, but I must head off to work! I still have so many questions!

    Thanks for your time~
    I still need to take up some more of it however, ha!
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  3. by   SierraMoon
    Howdy, Neighbor! I live in Bullitt county, took my NLN at JCC in January (attend ECTC, though)

    The best way to study for the NLN is to use the review book. It has practice tests and reviews for all sections. There is a science section that covers bio, geology, chemistry and physics. Verbal will cover vocab and reading comprehension. Math is fractions, percents, minor algebra (you can go on forgetting slope formula :wink2

    There's plenty of NLN advice on the board, just search NLN.

    Have you met with an adviser yet? That might be good idea since they should know what classes you'll need to apply to the nursing program.