Nevada State College Fall 2009 Application

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am starting this thread because I hardly see anything posted for this school and their program. I am a California resident but applied to NSC's Accelerated BSN and regular BSN this coming fall. Actually, I've also applied to Concordia University here in Irvine, CA. I heard some people got interviewed last month so I am not anticipating that I would still get in despite my good letters of recommendation and science gpa. I think I messed up on the cumulative gpa since I had a BS degree in Finance as a past major. Anyway, I am kind of happy in a way because Concordia's tuition is very high compared to NSC's tuition and boarding, even if I am classified as an out of state student.

    I am really anxious to get the results already since there is no other back up schools for me. If anyone knows the stats for this coming fall, I would really appreciate the input if I did well enough to be qualified or considered for acceptance. My cumulative gpa is 3.24 and my pre-req is 3.54 when i applied. My last classes are organic and biochem, anthropology and sociology which, I think will be all A's when I finish. My TEAS is 86.7%. I only tested once (Jan 24, 2009), so I don't think it would matter even if I take it again, deadline has already passed.

    Please feel free to post anything about the school, admission, and the program itself for all of us who are in need of these info. Thanks in advance...
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