Nervous about getting in ADN program

  1. Hi guys!
    I am eighteen and just finished my first real semester of college and applying for my ADN program is freaking me out! Right now I'm in The patient care tech program but I graduate this spring. I am so scared about January. This is when I have to turn in my app packet to my school but here is where my woes start;

    I am extermly scared because in my Bio classes so far (110 and just wrapped up 112) I got C's in both my classes. I'm going to be honest and say that I was not trying and towards the end of the semester I recieved a huge slap in the face that was telling me i was doing wrong, however it was too late for me and I finished with a 78. I really have no one to blame but myself...

    My second problem is that even with these C's my GPA is a 3.2 but someway or how I have freaked myself out into thinking i won't make. Most of this is do to my TEAS scores. My reading was an 87 but my math was a very very sorry 58.

    All of this is scaring me to the point of where I get headaches thinking about it.
    I need help with study habits and anything I can do to make my application stand out. I really want to get into the ADN program but all this nervousness makes me feel sick.
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  3. by   princesax11
    What classes did you take besides bio and what were your grades? It really depends on your program if you will get accepted. Is bio a prereq for your ADN program or is it just what you need to take before a&p, micro, etc? For the school I'm going to next fall they only look at the nursing prereqs. I slacked off in bio and got a C, but that doesn't count towards my nursing gpa because they only look at my grades for 9 classes. Most ADN programs only accept people almost done their prereqs. Will you have them all completed after this? Worst case senario you get rejected but you have a few options. You can retake the TEAS and focus your time studying for the math portion since you know where your weakness is. Does your school allow you to retake classes and replace them with the higher grade? What is most important is that you stay positive because you could have got in!! Good luck and let me know what happens!!