1. Made it past round one. Now I have to go to school tomorrow to take a proctored essay - which is what will determine whether or not I get into the program. I would feel better about this if i had time to prepare. Because our school is upgrading it's computer systems, the invitation to the essay was delayed. We only had two days to prepare for the essay and due to my other finals, I only had one (today). All I have to do is perform in the top 75-ish people of the 115-ish that will be there. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but these people are the cream of the crop - the highest scoring of the straight A students. Stressful can't even begin to describe it.
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  3. by   mc0306
    I am sure you'll do great! Things are always easier said than done. However, just stay calm and remember that those other people are just like you- human. Remember, you are there because you are just as qualified as anyone else!
  4. by   Humulus
    Thanks for the support. I just finished. I just blanked it for the first 15 minutes before I even really started. So my essays were super rushed. My last one I only had 6 minutes from start to finish. I feel like I did so poorly, it's just killing me right now. Coupled with people cheating by continuing to write after the time was up (for several minutes). I also found out that people in another computer lab were able to read the questions long before the time started (my buddy got about 20 minutes before, others got 30-35) and were even allowed to write some stuff down before anything started. In MY computer lab - we couldn't even touch the computers or look at the questions until the time started. It's so frustrating to know that after all the hard work I put in - being at the top of all my prerequisite classes (although for A&P my buddy and I were back and forth for highest scores) - after everything...... the people in my computer lab; myself included, were put at a very VERY unfair disadvantage.
  5. by   mc0306
    Any word back yet? When will you know how you did? Thats terrible about others cheating. But that seems to be something I am realizing everywhere I turn. People are not always as honest as they should be. Dont let it get you down though. You tried your best WITHOUT the extra time and cheating.