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I'm working full-time days and attending school at night, but this is a temporary job that will be over the end of December. I would really like to start going to school days in January, but would... Read More

  1. by   Catsmeow
    Quote from casi
    I'm curious what have people found to sell on ebay that makes enough to pay for tuition and books. I adore the idea of a get rich scheme, but have never found one that worked.
    Believe it or not, just junk from around the house, yard sale stuff. Kids clothing, old clothes of your own, shoes, toys, books, old electronic equipment, etc. I sold an old Fisher Price children's oven (one of those heavy plastic ones) for like $50.00 or something that we'd had kicking around the house for 15 years. The woman that bought it was "sentimental" as she'd had one at some point. You have to clean it up, take pictures of it all, either note or fix any issues with the clothing (like I'm also a seamstress, so I'd fix any problems with the items first.) I probly made a couple hundred dollars in the few months I did it, then I got tired of fooling with it all. Some people go to local garage sales, buy junk cheap, then turn around and sell it on eBay for a profit. My mother collects vintage and antique dishes (gets them from yardsales) and sells them on a website for full collector value.
  2. by   carveronica
    I'm trying to find ways to supplement my income too. I haven't found anything! I have been looking into ebay and trying to found something to sell that is in demand. I have not been working for a year due to my ear problem. I have to have surgery on it in about 6 weeks. I'm also raising six kids and I was told not to work until the procedure is complete. My kids and I are having a hard time. I have taken help from social services but it will only give us about 900 dollars a month. I attend the local University during that day and I guess that by the time my classes are through for this quarter I will have to get the surgery. My winter classes start in January. My head is :spin: around with all of this happening. I just applied for some jobs this weekend. I want my children to have a Christmas and a Thanksgiving. Life is such a battle. I appreciate life and I think my life is not as bad as some peoples. It's good to be able to breath and love. I know things will get better, just right now it hasn't been that easy seeing my kids without. I will keep striving to become a