Nassau Community College Nursing Fall 2018.

  1. Any one applying for Nursing at NCC for Fall 2018?
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  3. by   mrobl3s1023
    I am re-applying for Fall evening program. I applied last semester for Spring however I didn't get enough points. I'm gonna retake TEAS exam to get higher score. Overall my points last semester was 120 the cutoff was 134 I heard for that class.
  4. by   rn_hopeful81
    I'm applying for the evening program....If I calculate my points correctly I think I have 147 points. But I don't know how they calculate a minus grade from CUNY schools (I have two B-) and I also took a CLEP exam for PSY260 and Language Elective.
    Here's my stats:
    AHS131: B
    AHS132: A
    PHI110: A
    ENG101: C
    MAT102: B- (CUNY)
    HIST Elective: B- (CUNY)
    PSY262: A
    Language Elective: CLEP Score 93
    PSY260: CLEP Score 58 (I think this is the equivalent of a C?)

    For the TEAS I'm getting 40 points overall. I'm a Nassau Resident and never been in a nursing program before.
  5. by   mrobl3s1023
    I don't think they take CLEP but I am unsure or math unless the math is Statistics. I was told they have 3x more seats for daytime than evening. So I switched to daytime in order to get a better chance.

    They want

    Anatomy & physiology I & II
    Eng 101
    Gen Psych
    lifespan development
    2 electives

    I didnt get 5 points for residence but I got for not being a nursing student previously.
  6. by   rn_hopeful81
    I went to two information sessions, they do accept the CLEP exams but they won't tell me how they convert the grade over. The math class I took is a statistics class but under a business program. Fingers crossed.....
  7. by   mrobl3s1023
    OHHH wow what classes can you take for CLEP? I can take some if anything!! that stats is fine I have 2 one for math like a intro and a psych stats they just took the higher graded one.
  8. by   rn_hopeful81
    As far as what's accepted into the nursing program you can meet your PSY260 and foreign language elective with the CLEP exam
  9. by   mrobl3s1023
    I was thinking re take lifespan and take US history & Spanish CLEP that will put me over and give me enough to shoot for the evening program.
  10. by   rn_hopeful81
    One more month until the application window opens!!
  11. by   mrobl3s1023
    I already sent in for the Fall Evening I hope i get in!!! I've seen some ppl with as low as 125 get in so I am hoping for a good outcome !!!!!! fingers crossed!!!
  12. by   Logic
    Good luck guys!! Any knows when the sent out acceptance letter?
  13. by   Logic
    You will get in.
  14. by   rn_hopeful81
    From what I have read in the past we should have some news mid-April or so. I'm applying for the evening too but with so little seats available I'm so nervous!