My PAX-RN scores are back and I'm having a hard time understanding what they mean

  1. Can someone look at my results from my pax-rn test and tell me if I did well? I know I did well enough to get into the program at my school, but I'm just curious how I fared in general. I"m also having a hard time fully understanding what my scores mean.

    Your overall score on this exam is 147.

    Overall scores range from 0 to 200.
    The average is around 100 and the standard deviation, a measure of variability around the average, is 20. Most scores fall between 50 and 150.

    Scores on each section are provided as the percentage of items that you answered correctly percent correct scores for the section

    Your relative performance on each of these sections as compared to a reference group of applicants to
    RN nursing programs is provided as a percentile rank, which ranges from 0 to 99 and indicates what proportion of the reference group earned scores lower than yours.

    Verbal: (#Items: 60) (% Correct score: 86%)(Relative performance:96)
    Math: (#Items: 40) (% Correct score: 85%) (Relative performance: 94)
    Science (#Items 60) (% Correct score: 80%) (Relative performance: 97)

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  3. by   StayHumble11
    Looks pretty straight forward to me. Generally, you did good. Be proud of yourself cuz u are in the top percentile