Mt. St. Mary's College ADN Program

  1. Has anyone else applied for Spring admission to the program? Have you already taken your math exam? I took mine last week. Just wanted to konw if anyone else out there is waiting for December when decision-time comes...
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  3. by   Asherah
    Waiting for the ABSN Summer 2008 program, notifications in December as well...
  4. by   NSFA08
    i wanted to apply to that program until i talked with them about all of the philosophy and religion requirements. i could be well into a nursing program before i'd be ready to apply for the A-BSN. i wish you well... did u apply to the program last year? it seems like i remember you anxiously waiting for a decision for something. maybe it was the MECN program at UCLA? at any rate... i'm applying to that as well. we shall see what happens :-)!
  5. by   Asherah
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]I didn't apply last year because of the Philosphy/Rel Studies requirements, but decided it was such a strong program that it would be a good idea this time around. I had already completed one Phil class from my previous degree and spent a 6-week summer session taking another. I'm finishing up a World Religion course now and that will be it. Yes, I find them to be irrelevant to the nursing curriculum, but they're interesting courses nonetheless. It also doesn't hurt to boost the GPA a bit more.

    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Good luck with the ADN, MSMC seems so strong in all of its nursing curriculum and clinical opportunities. Its kind of my 'backup' school to the BSN/MSN programs I'm applying to, but I'd still love to go there. Keep us posted!
  6. by   Luckygirl77
    I applied to the ADN program Spring 09 at MSMC..I'm waiting with fingers crossed til December. I took the TEAS earlier this month and scored in the 80's, wished it was higher, but what can you do?? Is this the first time you have applied NSFA08?? What are your thoughts in regards to GPA and Teas scores??
    Thanks in advance for your response.
  7. by   asr978
    im with you man the wait is taking a toll on me hehehe thats life though, did you have your interview already? how do you think it went? have you heard any news recently? thanks!!!
  8. by   bootsnpearls
    I am a soon to be Mount grad. I recently had three friends take the same test as you (I never took it because it's a new requirement) and they got scores ranging from 72-80 precent and all of them got in. They got in and started this fall.

    Good Luck!
  9. by   kitty13410
    :wink2: anyone know regarding gpa acceptance for adn program?! i wanted to apply for their lvn-rn program but afraid of my gpa. i only have 2.8 right now. pls help if anyone has some info. :wink2: