Mnemonics for A&P

  1. I have found a few topics on this, but most of them aren't to part I am about to test over yet. I was hoping to get some for the test I have next week. I will post some of the topics and the name of the chapters I am being tested on this coming week. I have tried A&P two other times and so I am really wanting to be successful, the entire class is based on testing and I have very bad test anxiety (I do have medicine to take prior) but still, any help would be awesome, even if its on simple stuff, I tend to forget my name when it comes time to take a test. Ha. I have only listed a few items that she gave us for review to give an idea of what the chapter is.

    Chapter 1- The human organism
    *Organization of an organism
    *Organ systems and functions of each
    *Body cavities and serous membranes associated with it
    *Quads and regions and what organs are in each
    - Thats a few of the topics I have written for the review just as an idea of what chapter this is.

    Chapter 2- The chemical basis of life
    *Types of chemical reactions
    *Basic info about lipids, carbs and proteins
    *Ionic and covalent bonds
    *Potential and kinetic energy
    - Again this is just a few of the items she told us to review, but there is a lot more.

    Chapter 3- Cell Biology
    *Structure of plasma membrane
    *Movement through plasma membrane
    *Organelles and what they do
    *DNA duplication
    *Protein synthesis
    *Life cycle of a cell

    Chapter 4- Tissues
    *Proteins across membrane-symports, etc (sorry thats the only note I made by that)
    *Then some way to remember the tissues and features. Epithelium, Connective, Muscle, and Nervous

    I really appreciate any suggestions!
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