Min GPA you received to get into East Bay or San Jose State

  1. I am interested in knowing what is the min gpa everyone received to get into a state school. I am just getting started in my pre req courses, and I received a B in Anatomy. I feel like I might pull a B in all science courses( If I dont, Great... But I feel I might), do people usually accepted get A's? Let me know... thanks... I dont know the process and be completly honest
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  3. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    yikes! a B in anatomy!? well, it's still worth a try to apply... actually both sjsu and csueb changed their requirements for their programs this year. you must have ALL prereqs completed before you apply, no In progress crap. the lowest GPA i think sjsu had was a 3.5 but that was from someone i met who got accepted to sjsu like 1-2 years ago in waiting. in the present, it's probably higher than that. in the San francisco bay area it gets pretty competitive, though all of california is competitive.

    try to get not Bs but As in prereqs. yes, people who usually get accepted have all As or at least 1 B but rarely 2 Bs. have you thought about San francisco state too? i'm actually going to apply there next semester and its my #1 choice so wish me luck! also take your TEAS test, and score high! for SFSU, the average GPA accepted ranges from a 3.7-4.0. i'm not sure about csueb or sjsu but since they're all in the bay area, you can imagine that they are all competitive.

    good luck! i know you can do it!
  4. by   WittleOnesRN
    Try to apply to Cabrillo in Santa Cruz. It is a A.S. and they do a waiting list. Then when you are done with you A.S. you can transfer to San Jose State. I got B's in most of my science classes and it doesnt matter where you become an RN!!! I have been one for a year and I am getting my BSN now!