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No, this is not for a real school anywhere right now ... I just wanted to illustrate ... ... is THIS what the typical nursing school admission profile will look like in a few years? Catalogs... Read More

  1. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Quote from HyperSaurus
    One of my friends came to Michigan from Washington State because her school was like that: a 3.9 GPA, and she still wasn't good enough. Here, at my school, I was accepted with a 3.2 GPA (although that jumped up to a 3.8 at the end of that same semester). All my school does is look at grades. Once you meet the qualifications, they rank you from top grade to lowest grade and that determines your acceptance.
    Oh, and Springing, I am highly considering nursing education after I get some floor experience.
    Yep my CC school in WA unless you had a 4.0 or MAYBE a 3.9 you had no chance in getting in.