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Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone has taken Microbiology before A & P I & II? Normally the college here makes you take A & P first but since it is the summer session you are kind of on your... Read More

  1. by   JTwin
    I took AP1 last semester. This semester, I had 3 prereqs left (nutrition, microbio, and AP2) so I'm taking them all together and doing fine... but it was a Hell of a lot easier to understand microbio, having already gone over cell components, functions, and basic chem in AP1. After the first few chapters, though, the two classes don't have as much in common (except for the chapters about the immune system).

    The immune system is on next week's microbio exam, and 3 weeks later it will be on the AP2 exam, so taking microbio at the same time (or before) AP is actually to my advantage.
  2. by   hays2001
    I found out that the community college that is about an hour away from here has a campus site in the town that is only 20 miles from my house...and they had 5 spots open in A & P I so I got in!!!! I am so happy! Thank you everyone for your wonderful help. I must say though...I am planning on taking Microbiology spring semester 2008 and I am quite intimidated by it. It sounds hard. I ordered a couple of used books and I am going to start looking over them now so I can familarize myself a little with it. I also bought a Microbiology color studying guide book. How is A & P I...fun? Thanks everyone for all of your wonderful advice! I love this forum...everyone is so kind and friendly!