Micro online??

  1. I am trying to decide whether or not to take microbilogy online or wait until the summer and take it in the evenings. I am taking human growth and development online this spring also. I have a 5 month old so I dont have a ton of time but I dont work. I really want to make a good grade and wondered if anyone else took it online with other classes. I would be doing it through ccconline. If I took it now then it would mean I would get my name on the waiting list quicker. I am not in a huge hurry though either. Any advice?
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  3. by   Batman24
    VERIFY with your school that they will accept an online course. Many do, but neither of the nursing schools I applied to would accept them. If they were acceptable I would have done it in a heartbeat. I learn best on an independent basis.
  4. by   southernbelle08
    I'm checking in from the Student Nurse forum, I hope you don't mine me butting in.

    I agree with the previous poster on you making sure your nursing school WILL accept an online course. Mine would, so I did take Microbiology online and LOVED it! I did have to go up to school for 2 proctored exams, but everything else (exams, quizzes, & labs) were all done online. Our labs were usually PDF files that contained pictures and a short lesson and we'd answer questions on that topic in a quiz.

    I'd DEFINITELY suggest it, but make sure it is ok with your school first!