Medical assistant confused

  1. I have my AOS degree in medical assisting can anyone tell me what would be the next step to becoming an rn people are telling me to go about it as far as lpn then rn but im not sure they are the people to be listening to because they are neither of these i think they are guessing
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  3. by   lilbitloa
    go to or call your local community college. they may have the lpn course as well as the rn course. the staff in the medical department will be able to answer all your questions. personally i am on my way to becoming an lpn. my local community college requires pre-req's as well as taking a net test. the kicker is just because you take these courses does not guarantee you entry to nursing school. it seems to be like that all over the country. so work as a medical assistant, earn some money and try to persue nursing. put applications into both the lpn and rn program. good luck.:spin:
  4. by   lovesbutter
    thank you so much i will look into that :spin:
  5. by   midcom
    My college has both MA & LPN programs. If one is already a MA & wants to be a nurse, they let them "drop in" to the second term, which is kind of nice. A few in my class did that. I am seeing that their MA experience has helped them somewhat but not to a great extent. The ones who really do well are the ones who were CNAs & have lots of patient care experience.

    If you're interested in starting as an LPN, check with you CC & see if they will let you skip part of the program due to your experience.
    Good luck.