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  1. Has any one taken this class over the summer online? I am terrible at math and freaking out.
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  3. by   Boxer Mama
    While it was not math 103, I did just finish taking math 121 (college algebra) and math 135 (statistics) online through CCConline. I will not lie - I worked my tail off. We used the Pearson math lab website, which was a good system with examples and lots of practice problems. Before this semester I would have said the same thing about not being strong in math, but I did manage an A in both classes. With the summer semester being shorter, I would just be ready to spend the time in the material to learn it and ask questions when you need to.
  4. by   jennco
    I just took that class thru colorado cc online, though spring semester.
    It's pretty easy to keep up with, comment on ur discussions, scan and turn in ur homework, quizzes are open book. You shouldn't have a problem getting at least a B. message me if u need help!
  5. by   Wendilee
    Thank You Guys!!!! Jennco that is super kind!