Marieb's interactive physiology code..?

  1. So i'm in my first semester at of an accelerated RN program, and my AP code for Marieb's interactive physiology is no longer active. Those tutorial were AWESOME, and I really wanna check one specific one out, and know I'll want to look at a few throughout the semester. If anyone has an active account, that would be willing to allow me to access, I'd greatly appreciate it! I've already spent over a grand on books and computer programs, just for this semester!!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
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  3. by   BacktotheBeach
    I have a CD of it that came with my bundle. Private Message me with your address and I will mail it to you.
  4. by   championnicole
    o man, i only have like 2 posts, so i can't PM you yet! i'm going to post a bunch of messages i guess over the next few days, and try to get back to you!!!! also you can gmail me najohnson124!!! you'll totally be my hero!
  5. by   BacktotheBeach
    No worries, I'll email.