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  1. Hi all I am an EMT-B and CNA in Mass. I am going to apply for a local Lpn program and I need some advice on the exam to get in! i have been out of school for ten years I have taken basic algebra but no chemistry what should i do to boost my scores? and what can i expect? The school is a 40 week program and i am wondering what boards are like my emt-b boards were just awfull it was practial and written in the same day now the do it diff. three weeks apart! the test i need is in may so i still have some time! Help! Thanks
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  3. by   Jules A
    I'm not sure which entrance test you will be taking but our program gave us information on a study guide that we could buy and I found it to be really helpful. If you get one it will help you figure out if you need to look further to brush up on your Math and Chemistry. As I recall our test had quite a bit of not so hard math and a few chemistry questions but not a ton. Good luck. Jules