Looking 4 A Lpn School In Ny Or Nj

  1. hi everyone im new 2 the site.

    so right now im considering going 2 nursing school 4 lpn just 2 get my foot in door of the field 2 make sure i really want 2 be a nurse. i been a cna for 2 years and enjoy helping people. i think it's time for a upgrade cause i don't want to be a cna forever.

    im from long island,ny but im willing 2 go 2 nj also
    i'm really looking at holy name hospital b/c they have housing in new jersey and other lpn schools in ny

    so if there is anyone out there who can give me some inside infomation on any lpn schools in ny and nj. bascially people who been through the programs or just got in. i would greatly appreciate it
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  3. by   tenrn1
    I'm at Holy Name and It's great check out my other posts
  4. by   juicylucy
    You should look into HoHoKus school at Ramsey. I attend it and its a great school. Its an Lpn program though. Which you would be better off doing if you havent fufilled the pre requisties for the rn program. I also commute from queens ny.. its worth it. i am also wondering where do u work at because I just completed my cna certification and am looking for a job..
  5. by   rbrowning78
    U said U live in Long Island? Have U ever looked into BOCES or V.E.E.B.S.? Both offer the LPN program. I'm starting BOCES in March for their LPN program. I live in Suffolk County, so the Northport BOCES is closer to me. VEEBS is in Nassau County. I believe they start taking applications in the beginning of February for September admissions. U can go to veeb.org/lpn or call them @ 516 572 1704. Hopefully this info is helpful to u... Good Luck!
  6. by   PreLPN07
    hey juicylucy
    r u in the day or evening program? how r the teachers there? will right now im per diem at north shore university hospital in manhasset, but i did use 2 work @ winthrop in mineola and plainview hospital
    where did u get ur cna certification, through the lpn program?
    how much is the school if u dont mind me askin? and how u do commute u drive or take public transportation. OMG im askin so much let me stop but i would appreciate more information about the school.
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  7. by   Bertha joseph
    thank u so im too late for september