Letters Wont Come Out Until May???

  1. Ok, I finally got up enough nerve to ask today when the letters would be sent out advising if you got accepted or denied entrance into the Fall 07 LPN Program. I was told the letters won't be sent out until the first week of May.

    Registration for classes for the summer and fall starts in April!!

    I know, I could go ahead and register for other classes and then if I get in, withdraw from them - I' m just really dissapointed.

    I have already signed up for another A&P class for the fall that is required in the RN program (this was in case I didn't get accepted in the LPN program).
    There are two other classes I need to take this summer for the RN program as well. Darn it, I might just go ahead with the pre-reqs for the RN. I already have 3 of them out of the way.

    Oh well, just wanted to vent a little - blessings to all.:angel2:
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  3. by   pat8585
    I would go ahead and act like you already have gotten into the fall program.
    Because even if you DONT get in,,,there are usually some gals who drop out before school even starts and your name will be placed on the alternate list.
    So hang in there!