Just passed the NET

  1. Huge for me in a long line of exams. It took 5 weeks for results and I doubted myself more as time went along.

    What I learned: I READ SLOW - I like to chew on things, but a 275 wpm suprised me.

    I understood what I read (mostly).

    My GPA is higher than my intelligence.

    I am a sucker for common mistake math problems.

    But, I passed.

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  3. by   nina4nursing
    Congrats on your test results. I want to take the NET soon. Can you give any more information about the test. The only test I have taken is the
    TABE test. How does NET compare to TABE as far as difficulty is concerned.

  4. by   mochabean
    That's great! I'm still waiting to get my score. I can't to say "Next!" and move on!