Jeff State Summer 2018

  1. Hey guys! Thought I would go ahead and make one for Summer 2018! Comment if your applying and what campus!
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  3. by   Britney24
    Im applying to the Jefferson campus with 35 points
  4. by   ealangley
    I'm applying with 34!
  5. by   JustInTime6
    Shelby 1st. Jefferson 2nd. 36 points
    Jefferson campus is apparently starting 2 weeks early because so many fail the first semester in the summer (per nursing advisor)
  6. by   ealangley
    Has anyone heard anything about the fall
  7. by   toneal94
    I wonder what the cutoff will be and when they will start email people ?
  8. by   Amanda_Broadwater
    I've got 35 points. I'm hoping it's enough.
  9. by   JustInTime6
    An advisor told me to expect an email around March 6th. And it seems the cut off decreases depending on the semester with fall always being the highest. Fall 2017 was around 38-37, spring 2017 was around 36-35. Gpa also plays a role.
  10. by   bamaboy8022
    I applied with 36 points. I hope I get in. 🤞
  11. by   hb2004
    Has anyone heard any updates?
  12. by   ashleyyy127
    I applied with 35 to Shelby first and then Jefferson. I received an email today that they got my application and will be in touch in the next couple of weeks about a decision.
  13. by   aoc0002
    I applied to Jefferson with 38 points. My advisor told me that they have had a hard time filling Shelby/Hoover summer cohort and advised me not to put Shelby/Hoover as they are going to try and fill it first. Good Luck to everyone!
  14. by   ealangley
    Good luck everyone! I keep hearing mixed reviews about starting in the summer. It has me nervous!