Jeff State Spring 2018

  1. Hey guys! Thought I would go ahead and make one for Spring 2018! Comment if your applying and what campus! Does anyone know if the requirements will change like going back to the Teas or keeping the ACT test?
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  3. by   Rae5266
    Hey ! I will be applying to spring 2018 Shelby/Hoover as my first choice. I want to boost my points and retake the ACT . I took it when I was sick and skipped a ton of questions.

    I have a 4.0 GPA , but 33 points. I wish the C in English , 9 years ago as a freshman in college wasn't following me. I transferred to Jeff State from a college in Virginia. I am soooo nervous.

    How many points do you all have so far ?
  4. by   mlmer94
    I'm planning on applying! If I maintain good grades this semester I should have over 40 (aiming for 42) points. Right now I have 35. My only problem is that my GPA isn't fantastic as of right now.
  5. by   ealangley
    I have 34! But I'm retaking my ACT next week so hopefully I'll have more!
  6. by   Rae5266
    Yay! Me too. I'm taking it next Wednesday at 10am. It's the last time I can take it at Shelby campus before the deadline. Praying I can come up a few points. Good luck to you all!
  7. by   JustInTime6
    Hey guys, I’m applying for spring also with 35 points right now. I’m taking my ACT again on the 13th to get a few more points. The application deadline is 10/6 so hopefully I get my score back before then lol. What do you guys thing the point cut off will be?
  8. by   ealangley
    The deadline for the application is October 6 so the fall semester may not count. Grades have to be in my the application deadline to count.
  9. by   Rae5266
    You'll have it back . I took mine on Wednesday and she said no more than 2 weeks. When I took it in April , it took a week. I think I did okay. I cannot wait to see how many points I'll have .

    I think they'll start looking at 37 and up . I'm not sure . The advisor just suggested I bring my points up to 37/38 which is why I'm nervous !
  10. by   ealangley
    Have you got your ACT score back yet, @Rae5266?
  11. by   Rae5266
    I called the testing center today and they say they were mailed. I have class tomorrow so she said I can pick up . She just couldn't release over the phone . I'm so nervous !!!
  12. by   ealangley
    Last time I got my results in a week & it's making me nervous something went wrong! Lol
  13. by   Rae5266
    Welp I got the results and increased 2points. I wanted more but hey . I'll be applying with 35.
  14. by   hrr08
    I applied yesterday with a 38 and Shelby as my first choice!