Is TEAS test the same as the NLN?

  1. I thought it was reading/math only but when I got my study guide today it has reading/math/chemistry/anatomy/+ PHYSICS on it!

    Has anyone taken the TEAS? Can you tell me what was on it?
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  3. by   Nordic Sun
    The TEAS is very differnt from the NLN.

    Did you buy the book from ATI? It is a very good preparation for the exam. It is $25. If you don't have it, I have a used copy I would be happy to sell cheaper.

    I think that if you did good on the NLN you can certainly do good on the TEAS (I had 99th percentile on both), The only major difference is a Reading Comprehension section that is quite easy and the English section will actually ask you to choose between multiple choices the correct spelling for some words in a text.

    Be sure to review the concepts outlined in the science section.

    If you have additional questions don't hesitate to write back.
  4. by   BoonersmomRN
    I haven't taken either.

    I do have the study guide.

    I was just told by my school that the TEAS was reading/math ONLY but it sure doesn't look that way from the study guide.