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I just came home from school from taking an exam and i'm pretty sure i failed it even though i studied for it. The material i studied was not on the exam. I haven't done well on the past exams and i... Read More

  1. by   maddiem
    Your best option is to retake the class next semester to replace your bad grade. But don't give up on this class just yet!!! Devote more time to this class and buckle down! It may not get you an A...but you may be able to get a C and learn the material. If you retake the course and get a good grade, you still have a chance of getting into nursing school.
  2. by   kbucksn
    First of all you need a ((((((BIG HUG))) I know your pain , I have actually been going through the same thing. Spring last year I took my anatomy and I am at a smaller school so we do not have many instructors. I had heard about 2 instructors that were good but as i was still a Freshman I had last pick of classes. So when I went to register of course BOTH of those instructors were full and they no longer would let us add in, anyway I was stuck with the only other instructor and she was AWFUL!! For one she was teaching way more than anatomy, expecting us to diagnose and cite treatments,etc on her tests. The tests were so hard, the way she asked questions it was a tests just to figure out wth she was asking? Her testing average was a 56%!!! She would lecture SO fast and not slow down or repeat, ridiculed any questions, expecting us to have the knowledge of 3rd yr med students!! To top it off the materials she used FREQUENTLY were not accurate (diagrams,etc) and those were her words. i could go on and on....anyhow I was studying constantly, I mean literally I would study when I awoke, then after class, then at home until I fell asleep at night. But the material was so wide not just anatomy, that it was just impossible to prepare for her exams. Anyhow I got a C in the class, which as you probably well know may as well be an F when trying to get into nursing schools. So since then I have really been in this depression over it all, I thought "well that's it, my dream for the last 15 years was gone" but this fall I still kept chucgging alone in my prereqs. Currently my school accepts 20 students in the Fall and Spring, this last semester people with a 3.8 GPA didnt get in and this is how its gone for quite awhile I felt hopeless. Well I met with an advisor at another school in my area (the only other for abt 200 miles) and its a uiversity and 60 miles closer to home. well they have a rigorous program its a BSN with no ADN option and has LOTS of prereqs but also a 100% NCLEX pass rate for the last 2 cohorts of RN grads. So I laid it all out to them. They told me to retake the class, and include an explaination of why I did poorly the first time and of course kick butt on everything else! So there is def hope!!! My advice retake the class and investigate the instructors!! Try ratemyprofessor.com and best of all word of mouth from several people. If you have to take more than just that class trying and take easy ones, also there are some great resources online. If your interested in some let me know. But point is all nursing programs tell you that!! Dont let this deter you PLEASE. Redo that class, that is what I ma doing. I am actually transferring to a school that has better educated professors, low class size and highly recommended instructors. I dont know how rural or metro of an area you live in but dont just focus on the 1 program, there are alot out there that factor in many other things than grades. In fact in calif they select a certain amount by grades, etc and a certain amount by lottery. You have to meet a minimum but it just really opens your chances alot. I dont know how far you are willing to go for this but check other school in other areas or states.also study grp for science!! i never used them and that was prob dumb of me because all those that did, also were more succesful. Anyhow sorry for the novel, I just really feel for you. Don give up!!!! Best wishes you you btw you will her many deterring things abt all problems but alot is others trying to deter the competition.
  3. by   caliotter3
    Curious how this turned out.
  4. by   michiboo
    Sad but true if you are past the withdrawal deadline speak to your prof. If you are a A student you def dont want a C that would only do major damage to your GPA. Realistically, you may want to fail the class on purpose so that you can retake it and hopefully get an A or B which will remove the failing grade from your GPA and the A or B will take its place. The failing grade will still be on your records it just wont affect your GPA.

    As for you not getting into nursing school...some schools require that if you are retaking a class you are automatically not qualified but not all schools. Venture out and research some other school. Good Luck, its tuff
  5. by   kimandthekinks
    I know this is so long ago but wow. I had to make sure I didn't write this because it look d like I did. Same situation. I had to retake micro and anatomy 2, made an a in borh. Hoping a bsn program accepts me..
  6. by   hijimikookli
    Talk to most nurses they will tell you they do not use the majority of what you learn in those classes. The class is a perfect example of academics forcing students to learn things that are not important for real life experiences. Anat and Phy should be separated into students who plan to go to med school and students who will not. Most nurses cannot tell you the pathway and all the parts of the heart, and path to spine and brain. Most cannot name every muscle or how they work. Most cannot name every part of every bone, they can do major bones and parts. Same with every nerve and brain structure. Why can't they? Because they do not use it in real life situations. So thanks to synaptic pruning it is removed from your memory over time. So you literally take a class work your butt off to get an A and you, because your are not becoming a doctor, will forget most of it. So an anat and phys class that actually teaches important concepts, functions and structures to nursing and most other fields, would be time and resources spent better. But institutions i feel use these classes as a way to deny entry to people, and rack money up at the same time.It makes it so only those who can accept to regurgitate what the institution tells them to know, can get into the actual programs, even if they cannot apply it, and for those who can't but want to get in still, more money. If someone has a disease, you as a nurse are not going to be diagnosing anyone, or writing prescriptions, or operating... you learn CPR and first aide, for emergencies... if your patient has a broken bone, you do not have the authority to diagnose the fracture, nor a right to correct it yourself, if the emergency takes place in society.
    Doctors need to have most anat and phy remembered, but even they suffer from synaptic pruning, they specialize and the rest will fade, that is not used. Except the basics and the basics are not what anatomy and physiology teaches in most institutions for 2 and 4 year degrees, its easier ...

    Got an 80 on the TEAS test, never having taken ana and phy, only a highschool health class 7 years before I took the test, with only 3 hrs of study time and was up for 24 hours due to working an overnight shift at Mcdonalds, and I did well on the science section. I have the proficiency to do well in the program yet I got a C in my ana and phy 1, because I refused to study non-important concepts. Counselor was like oh so you took anatomy and physiology in high school right? I was like "No", she was like "That is amazing"...

    Why is it people will take their boards and fail even though they may get straight As? Because memorization is not the most important thing for the field.

    My university scoring for the nursing program is: Your TEAS score is worth up to 100 points, your anat and phys 1 is points max, english 101 is 15 points max, and psychology is 15 points max. If you get a 135 your guaranteed to get into the program.

    I have an 80 for my teas + 15 for anatomy, 5 for English and 10 for psych. So i still might get in, just 135 was guaranteed.
    I had an A in english, until my attendance was deducted at the end of the semester and got a C, As on all work.. would have 15 points instead of 5 :/
    Psych I got a B, I earned that B though.