I think I made a mistake!

  1. Ok, so I switched school from a community college to a university and I started off not doing great! Idk what I'm doing wrong I tried to figure out my studying/learning strategy and everything. Now I'm failing idk if I should just go back to the community college or what! I suppose to apply for the program during the spring semester but being that it's so competitive ( min 3.8 gpa ) idek if I wanna bother. What do you guys think?
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  3. by   KiwiKatt
    Have you tried talking to your professors, tutoring? If you're taking pre-reqs, I recommend taking the rest at a CC and transfer over. If you want it nad enough, you should go for it! I understand how you feel though. You might be taking on too much at one time so maybe try to lighten your load?
  4. by   tzmnurse2b
    Yes! I never can go to tutoring or anything because I have to work. You're right I feel like I'm going too much at once.
  5. by   KiwiKatt
    You could take a lighter load of classes or try hybrid classes. I had to go part time so I'm behind by 2 semesters but it's worth it because you can focus better and get the higher grades. I hope everything works out for you!
  6. by   Nightmaren
    I've attended numerous universities and multiple community colleges over the course of my academic career and I can say that there is a discernible difference in pacing between the two types of colleges. University-level classes are certainly faster paced than community college classes, but the tricky part is that sometimes their pacing makes it difficult for newcomers to adjust! As you know, effective studying often boils down to figuring out what works best for you and sometimes the pacing of the classwork makes it difficult to have the breathing room to do so.

    I do not feel like you made a mistake. Our nursing program was college level and the students who were prepared on university-level prerequisites fared much better than the ones who had never tasted it... and nursing school offers practically no breathing room at all for experimenting with study styles. Therefore, my suggestion is similar to the above poster -- take control of your situation! Look into hybrid/online courses that allow you to self-pace and experiment with study techniques. Perhaps you can even consider dropping a few classes so you have a lighter semester load and more time to figure out the best way to wade through their information. I am fully confident that you will get through it -- this change has just taken you by surprise!