I Start my pre-req next month at ivy tech in Indiana

  1. i have been a stay at home wife / mom for past 9 years. my soon to be ex husband as been in the military so i have been following his career in the past 9 years and now its my turn. I am a mom to 4 year old twin boys. i start my pre req classes in may and hopefully will be able to apply next year. this is what my adviser has in my academic plan and was wanting to know how it looked to you. I'm trying to apply for ASN

    summer 2013
    ivy 101
    math 015
    eng 093

    fall 2013 (I would like to add a class to get me to 12 credits)
    math 035
    eng 111
    comm 102

    spring 2014
    aphy 101
    math 136
    psyc 101

    summer 2014 (Getting ready for TEAS and apply)
    aphy 102
    chem 101 (never taken chem and have been out of school since 2002)
    and told me to look into a science
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  3. by   EmilysMama
    I'm in the same boat as you. I actually started last fall, but when my daughter got sick I had to drop my classes. I'm starting all over this summer. Those darn remedial classes can get you. Summer 2013 looks good, Fall 2013 too. Now It's my belief that you need 135, not 136 if you want to transfer. Can you take Psych in the fall instead of spring? I've heard APHY 102 can be a bear, you are brave to try to tackle it in a 8 week class, especially with Chem. I'm sure someone else will chime in P.S. I've heard micro is a good elective to take as well.
  4. by   Stella_Blue
    It doesnt matter what math you have it just needs to be math 13X. So you should be ok. Just make sure to get all A's and a super good grade on your TEAS.
  5. by   kbutcher2
    Ive been out of school since 2005 and hated chem then so I would hate it now too! I took aphy 201 and microbiology. Well I am taking 201 now but I finished micro with an A and really didn't have to put too much effort into it!
  6. by   Rjohnson191
    How was APHY 201?