i need help please

  1. has anyone taken the PSB Aptitude for Practical Nursing Examination? Is it hard I am scared out of my mind. is there any i can study. please please help
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  3. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    i took the PSB-RN test in Jan 04, and it was hard, BUT the grading was a sliding scale...basically it took all the answers and based it off of how many people got the right answer and then how many people got right answers on the ones that others got wrong...kinda like i got more right answers than y ou type deal...the most difficult part in my opinion was the science section...i'm not sure how different the PN and the RN test are but that was all i had trouble with...i got a entrance exam study guide from barnes and nobles that helped alot...i'm not sure of the title, but if you do a google on the PSB, i believe it pops up what study guides to use...anyway, sorry for babbling, i'm tired! LOL!

    good luck!

  4. by   blue-eyes1234
    i just took the psb test 3 days ago as tasha stated the science section is hard in addition i found the spelling section difficult you really have to watch those commonly misspelled words. i also used a psb study guide that helped as well went to the following web site http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/ and on this web site you will see word & sentence level there is a pull down where you will find spelling rules/quizzes. this web site really helped me with the spelling section by taking the quizzes and studying the list of commonly misspelled words which also can be found in the spelling section. many of the commonly misspelled words i studied from the above web site were on the exam. as a result, the only help i can give you is what helped me so if it is possible try to get the study guide review guide for lpn/lvn pre-entrance exam, second edition mary e. mcdonald. if you do get the study guide especially study the science sections also go over and over the science review it gives before the science section it covers about every thing. for help studying spelling section go to above web site. i am sure you will do fine good luck and don't fret :uhoh21: you can do it if i can help answer anything else about the test or any other questions just let me know because i know how you feel i was scared too.
  5. by   lilmama007
    I took the PSB-HOAE for my ADN program on OCT 6 and like they all say, that science was ROUGH!!!!!!! everything else was very simple but that science made me feel really dumb. Review everything, especially physics and chemistry....
  6. by   myakins
    how do they grade it. What is a good grade?
  7. by   lilmama007
    There is no way of telling what is exactly a good grade because you are tested in like five sections (reading, academic aptitude-analogies, synonyms, antonyms, and mathematics-natural sciences, vocational adjustment, and either spelling or judgement comprehension.) You will get a precentile rank for each section and those percentiles are compared to all students who took that test in the United States so you may score bad as compared to students in the U.S. and end up socring better than those who took it for your program or vice versa. But really look over physics, That science was rough!!!!!!